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Remember that frustratingly uninformative yet intriguing NotaSupermarket website you visited some time ago?

Well, you were one of zillions (ok.. thousands) who went there, felt it mattered, and decided to give us your support. That helped us know that we were doing the right thing.

So during these last few months we've been out there talking with farmers and publicans, shop owners, couriers, wholesalers… lots and lots of food enterprises and agencies to check and double check that we're creating something genuinely useful which they all want.

And you know what? They do!

If we want our food to be truly safe, we must recognise that this can only be delivered by a radically different model of food and agriculture, one that is based on the largely untapped potential of small-scale, much more regional production and food distribution.

Joanna Blythman – The Observer – 5 June 2011

If that still resonates with you, read on - because we want to encourage you that what we’re doing is a good idea – and not just ‘good’, but sensible, and beneficial for everyone.

It comes down to this: it's not easy enough for local businesses to trade in local food. And simply because it's not conveniently on the shelves or on the menu we end up NOT buying it, and then we all feel bad. Customers don't get to eat fresh food and support their neighbours, farmers feel unappreciated, shop owners end up struggling to undercut supermarkets, and we all spiral down.

That's ridiculous, right? RIGHT! That's why we’re taking the hassle out of buying local.

SUSTAINATION is an online service for food businesses which makes it easy and profitable for them to find each other, connect up, and trade.

Joining the dots creates new local and regional food networks, giving small independent businesses the information they need to compete with supermarkets and megafarms. Not only that, these networks will maintain and create livelihoods and preserve treasured regional identities.

Got the picture? Let's cut to the chase:

We're moving beyond the supermarket, and we'd like your help.

Intrigued still? We’ll tell you more about it in our next e-mail!
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