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Welcome to Eat England, working to inspire sustainable leadership within the food industry....

Management & research solutions for green-business development, corporate social responsibility & carbon footprints.

Providing practical solutions to reduce costs, increase profits & get ahead of the competition. Delivering a range of options to monitor business impacts. Part of our portfolio includes evaluating the life-cycle of food products or process product carbon footprints using the "Carbonostics" model or creating if you prefer we'll make it bespoke.

The Eat England “Sustainability Inspector” model for restaurants, cafes and caterers of all type: is a simple example of how we can guide you to a more sustainable future: we can provide cost-effective solutions for all food related organisations - in the UK & globally.

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Buys from
  1. with Sustaination (65.15 miles)
Sells to
  1. with Bennett Hay Limited (28.48 miles)
  2. with Cafe Spice Namaste (32.2 miles)


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