Calon Wen

Calon Wen is an organic milk co-operative, consisting of 25 organic family farms across Wales.

We believe in keeping things simple so our cows graze clover rich pastures and when they are ready we milk them ourselves.

Milk: Calon Wen organic milk undergoes minimum processing to retain the goodness and flavour. It is simply pure, unadulterated milk that is pasteurised, packaged and sold.

In addition Calon Wen whole milk is non-homogenised and, like our skimmed and semi-skimmed milk, is available in 1pint, 1litre and 2litre bottles.

Cheese: Our Calon Wen cheese range was launched at the Royal Welsh show in 2010 and has two flavours: mellow creamy Cheddar and Extra Mature Cheddar.

Butter: Calon Wen butter is made from creamy Welsh organic milk, which is churned into two great butters: slightly salted and unsalted.

The unsalted is great for cakes and baking, while the slightly salted is excellent for cooking and wonderful on hot toast!

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01994 24 14 81


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The Dairy, Dairy Park, Whitland, Carmarthenshire, SA34 0HN
Buys from
  1. from Lan Farm (6.57 miles)
  2. from Minwear Farm (10.4 miles)
  3. from Lawrenny Farms (12.33 miles)
  4. milk from Nantyr Helygen Fawr (13.27 miles)
  5. milk from Hafod Farm (15.26 miles)
  6. from Barnsley Farm (15.89 miles)
  7. milk from Hafod Grove (18.11 miles)
  8. milk from Clovers Farm (18.26 miles)
  9. from St Elvis Farm (24.09 miles)
Sells to
  1. milk to Cost Cutter (5.97 miles)
  2. Dairy to The Ethical Chef (12.92 miles)
  3. milk to Siop y Bobl (65.58 miles)


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