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BackPack Farms - the answer is (often) all around you

One of the things I love about Sustaination is its global potential. People have problems with access to markets and local distribution the whole world over, and yet so often the resources they need to solve the problem are right there around them. It’s just a case of reconfiguring things a little, changing ones perception, sharing a little information… and the world (certainly their world) changes forever.

Rachel Zedeck of BackPack Farm (Twitter) provides a great example of this. Everything you need for a productive, sustainable, locally tailored farm, right there in a backpack.

I hope we can partner up with them one day.

data-text=”BackPack Farms - the answer is (often) all around you” data-url=”http://www.sustaination.co.uk/2012/01/backpack-farms-the-answer-is-often-all-around-you/”
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