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Rebuilding our Food System Infrastructure

It’s ironic, you know. I’ve been writing about food and systemic issues for years, and loving doing it, and now I’m working in a business which is dealing with food and system issues, I find I’m too busy doing to stop and write.

Two things make this OK. Firstly I know that within the next six weeks some fun things are going to happen which means I can start focusing more on doing things out on the stage, not behind the scenes; secondly there are people out there who think along the same lines we do, so whilst we’re beavering away back here we can put on videos out front.

With that, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy!

data-text=”Rebuilding our Food System Infrastructure” data-url=”http://www.sustaination.co.uk/2011/11/rebuilding-our-food-system-infrastructure/”
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