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Jimmy’s Farm spots a winner

I was in a meeting with the Soil Association yesterday giving them an update on how we’re getting on, and discussing how we can most effectively work with them to help their producers make the best use of Sustaination, when my phone started going nuts in my pocket.

It turns out that Jimmy “Jimmy’s Farm” Doherty, the UK’s most well-known farmer*, tweeted about us!


That’s pretty healthy praise, given that he’s a chap who clearly knows a thing of two about marketing and how to scale an idea, so we’re pretty flattered! A really great way to end a really great week!

If you’d like to get in on the action now and make sure you take advantage of our launch discounts, you should probably take a minute (literally) to register your business now.


* I’m not sure if that’s a real fact but it seems likely since Bernard Matthews died last year, Michael Eavis is best known for producing tents, and Old MacDonald probably never existed.

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