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Change is for all - 10 rules for an awesome business.

I’ve long admired the work of Futerra, and was fortunate enough to meet their MD, Jeff Melnyk, a few weeks ago. A great chap, full of insights, optimism, vision, and clarity, and truly passionate about doing what he does. And generous, too:  last week, at the end of an already full work day, he worked with us for almost three hours helping refine our position and pitch to investors.

It’s not often the MD of a world-class company will take that kind of time to give so specifically. Hats off to Futerra for all your fine work, and to your inspiring founder.

Futerra’s 10 rules

data-text=”Change is for all - 10 rules for an awesome business.” data-url=”http://www.sustaination.co.uk/2011/11/change-is-for-all-10-rules-for-an-awesome-business/”
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