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Hi, we’re Sustaination. We’re like a dating site for local food businesses, making it easy and convenient for you to find, buy, and sell local produce.

The problems facing food and farming are complex and intertwined, but demand for good, local food and drink is booming because we know that where and how we spend our money has an impact.

Buying direct is certainly part of the solution, but farmers already have lots to do, and it can be time consuming and inefficient.

Almost all the food we eat is supplied via a business, so if we want to make a big difference quickly, these are the connections we need to change.

This is where Sustaination comes in. We join the dots to make it easier for businesses and organisations to buy and sell good local produce.

Just type in your location and you’ll find nearby people who are keen to do business. You can list the produce you buy or sell, send and receive fresh offers, share your story, promote yourself to your customers and partners, and manage your social networks. We’ll even help you split delivery costs with other local businesses. And it’s all as easy as a status update.

By making it easier to trade with those around you, Sustaination saves everyone time and expense, makes it simpler for us to buy the things we want, helps sustainable produce back into local businesses, and puts money back in to local pockets; meaning there’s more money to invest in local sustainability.

There’s no single answer to the problems we face, but better information is good for all of us. That’s why anyone can use Sustaination’s platform for free.

Food connects us all, and a simple change can change our world. Not all at once, but business by business, town by town, what you eat today has a very real impact on peoples’ lives. We’d like that impact to be a good one.

Today we’re asking you to help fund our work, spread the word to people you know, or help register a local business.

Find out more at sustaination.co.uk

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