Our Team

We are a collection of passionate people who are great at what we do, and love doing it. We’re a small team, and we like it that way. It allows us to run lean so we can work closely with you, our customers, to deliver the very best product we can.

We’re delighted to have a truly phenomenal advisory panel who together bring us over a century of experience in food systems, procurement, distribution, business management and internet startups.

Ed Dowding

Systems analyst and designer, strategist, blogger, provocateur, wannabe-permaculturist, web developer, and occasional TV farmer and sheep wrangler…

Ed is hugely passionate about the structures which we use to organise our lives, and likes it when they work well and make us proud to be human: when we create elegant and enjoyable solutions to a set of interlinked problems; or when humanity does something wonderful and altruistic - just because we can.

He sincerely hopes Sustaination is something people will be proud to be part of.

Hopes for the next year? To see a tweet saying “Gosh, that Sustaination thing is simple and clever, isn’t it? It’s turned my business around!

Richard Livsey

Richard’s brain is epic. Give it (him) a difficult problem and within a few minutes his spiral-bound blank A3 pad is covered in lines and notes. Within 5 minutes he’ll have asked insightful questions which leap towards what are now many solutions. A few minutes later he’ll have a well tested solution. Give him another few days and some caffeine and his lightning-fast fingers will have coded up a web application to solve it. WHAT. A. DUDE.

The last time Richard and Ed worked together in 2007 they created an emergency collaboration system for the Government; 2 years before that, they invited a twitter-like system for the Police for communicate with security guards in specific geographic areas; and before that we built a global risk analysis system for the insurance industry. Not that we like to blow our own horns around here, you understand… just telling it like it is.

Georgia Catt

Most recently she has worked as press and e-communications officer at the Soil Association, developing e-comms strategies to promote projects and campaigns.

Georgia has broad production and research experience within television, radio and online. Since leaving university she has been employed with the BBC, Mencap and a number of independent production companies.

She has a particular interest in the food system and the potential of effective communications to create a structure that is fairer to all those involved in growing, producing and eating food – one that is sustainable and resilient for future generations.

Who did that great video?

That was the amazingly talented and ethically robust Rob Wicksteed. Check out his other work - the man is a visual metaphor machine!


Laura Scott is Digital Strategist at Addiction Worldwide. She was introduced to us via the SUPERB Brightone. She’s been invaluable in helping us work out how to communicate a complex message, simply.

Tim Crabtree has 25 years experience in the third sector, working in policy development and business advisor roles before becoming the chief executive of Local Food Links which delivers user-led catering services in partnership with 23 schools and a range of older people’s organisations. Tim now works for Cardiff University, researching the future direction of the community food sector and the links between renewable energy and food production.

Charlie Gordon-Lennox runs The Keyholding Company, which works with over 150 partners nationwide to delivery community based security services. Charlie has been advising us on network management and business development.

Sarah McVittie started Textperts in 2003 and has been illustriously game-changing ever since. She sold that company in 2008 and is now revolutionising the fashion industry with Dressipi, which encourages people to buy LESS (shock!) through better use of what they already have.

Poppy Zella Reed is a former Brand Manager and Drinks Buyer at Greene King. She set up a test project which saw locally sourced food increase menu revenue by 250%. She also has a knack with names and brand thinking, it turns out!

Thank you!

A big thank you, too, should go to Ali Thomson from the River Cottage Garden Team, Arthur Potts-Dawson for the inspiration, Martin Stanley for his work with Landshare and sending over the right report at the right time, Molly Conisbee from the Soil Association for her clear communication, Will Kallaway for his PR advice and conversations in the early days, and the entire gang from UnLtd Futures who have been completely awesome in helping light a fire.

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