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This is great! How can I help?

1. Help crowdfund our work

If you want to support your local businesses, see more local employment, more cooperation, and more environmental responsibility, then you hold this change in your wallet.

Help a local food business today »
Just 3 minutes, and we’ll give you presents!

If you want to eat more nutritous, locally grown, seasonal food and drink, then back us today.

If you want to see more businesses stock and sell local, seasonal produce, helping fund us now is the most effective way to make that happen.

Pledge £50 today, and we’ll send you a code which lets your favourite local food business use the service for a year.

2. Map your local food web or tell us about a local business

Funding’s great, but real signed-up businesses are better! We’d like you to help your favourite local food business claim their profile, list their produce, and say who they trade with. You could even add a review whilst you’re there. It will take about 25 minutes, and you’ll reinforce a friendship.

Stay on this list and we’ll let you know when we launch early next year.

3. Spread the word

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  • Talk about your food: Imagine the journey your dinner has taken. Talk about it with those around you. How far do you think it’s travelled? Is that good? What we think in terms of ‘local food’ or ‘sustainable food’? What’s the difference?

The task before us is to provide good food for everyone, forever; at the same time to create agreeable ways of life for everyone involved in the food chain, without cruelty to livestock; and to ensure that the world as a whole remains beautiful and secure, and we who we share this planet continue to thrive and to evolve.

Colin Tudge: Sensible chap, farmer, author.

5 reasons to help us now

1. It’s the right place.

Impact investing means helping those who are best place to create change. 99.96% of your food comes via a business. Help them, and you help yourself. Hundreds of thousands of those businesses across the country are desperate to trade more in local food and drink, but lack the information to do so effectively. We give them the tools and information to take action.

2. It’s the right idea.

We face numerous complex and interconnected problems, with no single answer. But every solution - from community bakeries to food coops, micro-distribution hubs to roof-top farms - needs to know where to buy and sell. We make it easy for people to help themselves to solve problems. Couple information with self-interest, and lives change pretty quickly.

3. It’s the right people.

Supporting us now means supporting thousands of independent food businesses: farmers, chefs, shopkeepers, publicans, greengrocers, delivery drivers, caterers, school children, and families. We make it easier for buy and sell more local, seasonal food.

4. It’s the right time.

Food production can not carry on as it does now. When we already know the solutions, delaying necessary changes is irresponsible. The intensive food system has performed admirably, but its ‘bigger, faster’ thinking has already gone beyond its acceptable limits (BSE, megafarms). 40% of global calories depend on diminishing fossil fuels. Add in with climate change, top soil erosion, and global population increases…

5. We can do it.

You are backing a team who have the passion, tenacity, experience, and expertise to make this happen.

6. Bonus: We give back.

Each pledge gives you something in return, which you can keep yourself, or give away again. (The reward of knowing that you’re helping make this happen is something you can be proud of forever.)

Help a local food business today »
Just 3 minutes, and we’ll give you presents!

Thank you!

Thank you so very very much for reading this, signing up, spreading the word, and helping us help farmers and businesses move towards a more local, more sustainable future!

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