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Did you know customers are prepared to pay 20% more for local food? And that it sells strongly, even during a recession?

There is a renaissance in local, and your customers are driving it. It may be supporting the local economy, environmental awareness, gastro-tourism, or just wanting healthy, fresh, seasonal produce - whatever the reasons, local food is experiencing double-digit growth. We make it as easy as we can to help you source better local food for your customers.

Save Time

We know how long it takes to find and manage lots of different suppliers, that’s why we’ve created this service for you.   More »

Better Deals

Make more profit and provide savings to customers - buying more directly means you and your suppliers get a better price. More »

Add Value

You are so much better than supermarkets. Local shops play a vital role in defining a community. Your customers want to buy local food from local people.  More »

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Save time & money

  • One-stop search for all local producers and distributors makes it a breeze to find what you want.
  • Win the loyalty of local customers by stocking a variety of locally produced, fresh, high quality products
  • Save on delivery costs rather than just showing you where the supplier is, we’ll show you where they already deliver, helping you both save on delivery fees.
  • Local Marketplace sends offers from local producers direct to your phone. It’s that easy to pass on fresh offers to your customers.
  • Find local produce by distance, season, quality and more.
  • Find reliable local partners:  feedback from other customers helps you choose reliable and dedicated suppliers.
  • Comprehensive business profiles make it to check suppliers have insurance and meet all legal standards.
  • Priority notification of the latest local activity.
  • Regular email updates of all the latest activity in your area help you spot opportunities quickly.

Stand out, and add value

  • Manage your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) all from one place
  • Be found by search engines: We send your information to all the main search engines, driving traffic to your site, and putting you on the map.
  • Tweet Sales makes sending an offer to your customers jaw-droppingly easy.
  • Show who you trade with: customers are looking for transparency, authenticity, and accountability. We make it a pleasure to give it to them.
  • Add photos and videos to showcase your business and put a face to the name
  • Sell better food as the fresher it is, the healthier and more nutritious it is.
  • Deliver greater variety as you’ll trade more seasonally, with more native varieties.
  • Share and compare: learn together with other businesses, and compare yourself with others to see where you are doing well and where you might improve.
  • And much more to come: Build your own contact lists and supporters, show reviews, ratings, and recommendations, see who’s viewed your profile … 2012 is going to be a fun year for all of us!

You’re not a supermarket - you play a vital role in your community

  • Help other local businesses and the money stays local. We can create thousands of livelihoods across the country.
  • Reduce your environmental impact from food miles and packaging
  • Put food waste to good use: we’ve hooked up with local food groups who take your waste and turn it into meals for the disadvantaged in your community.
  • Delivery better value since the fresher it is, the healthier and more nutritious it is.
  • Deliver greater variety as we help ease the shift to seasonal trade in regionally suited varieties.

Register now » (When we launch, it will cost about the same as a cup of coffee)

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