Why Sustaination?

Sustaination is a dating site for local food businesses, making it convenient and easy for you to find, buy, and sell local produce.

From sheep to shelf, if you’re trading with those around you, Sustaination saves you time and expense, makes it simpler to do business, helps you be more sustainable, and keeps more money in local pockets.


Shops, pubs, restaurants, schools, hospitals, caterers, food groups: We get it! You are BUSY! You have too much to do, times are tough, and the government is making it even tougher.

  • Stock only the best quality produce
  • Quickly source [tooltip color="blue" text="Local goods sell strongly, even during a recession"]the products your customers want to buy[/tooltip]
  • Win more local customers and take advantage of fresh and new products
  • Split costs with other local businesses
  • Promote yourselves to local customers

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Farmers, growers, bakers, cheesemongers! This is the simpler way you’ve been waiting for! (We’re sorry it took us so long.)

  • Find people keen to stock your produce
  • Keep more profit by selling more directly
  • Sell in efficient volumes without involving supermarkets
  • Do business from the fields, direct from your smartphone
  • And oh soooo much more!


Your role in an efficient local and regional food network is about to get much bigger, and we want to help you.

  • Keep your stock fresh by finding the newest local products
  • Find new outlets for your clients
  • Keep your costs down and focus on service
  • Find optimal routes and aggregation points
  • Be well placed to benefit as fuel price and electric vehicles shift local distribution
  • Find partners for smart inter-regional deliveries

Affiliates & Trade

The oil in the machine! You help things run smoothly, campaign for better, broker deals, and make things happen across the industry. You are amazing. We’ll try to help you be even more so.

  • Champion your association’s members
  • Publicise events and promotions
  • Find new members and clients
  • Visualise your local food web
  • Focus on more effective advocacy

The task before us is to provide good food for everyone, forever; at the same time to create agreeable ways of life for everyone involved in the food chain, without cruelty to livestock; and to ensure that the world as a whole remains beautiful and secure, and we who we share this planet continue to thrive and to evolve.

Colin Tudge

If we want our food to be truly safe, we must recognise that this can only be delivered by a radically different model of food and agriculture, one that is based on the largely untapped potential of small-scale, much more regional production and food distribution.

Joanna Blythman – The Observer – 5 June 2011

The public mood is changing. If I were Tescos’ boss, I’d be worried

Mary Portas

This is cool! It’s doing boring stuff, sure, but it’s nothing short of a revolution.

One of our funders

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