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We’re in Beta

Until early 2012, we’re going to be working out how best to structure the business model. We know roughly how we’d like it to be, but we want to be sure that’s the right way for you. We’re love to hear your feedback on any aspect of our service.

For buyers, sellers, and distributors

It seems that it’s often the producers who have to pay for services like ours. We think that’s a little unfair, since everyone along the chain benefits by saving time sourcing better quality products. We’re looking for a simpler, fairer method.

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up to 7 miles

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up to 50 miles

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More than 50 miles

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  • Show who you trade with to demonstrate your commitment to transparency and local community
  • Show customers your food’s journey on the maps which show every hop of its journey.
  • Sell and serve better food as the fresher it is, the healthier and more nutritious it is.
  • Deliver greater variety as you eat more seasonally, with more native varieties.
  • Find out what’s around you and discover new trade partners
  • Local business marketplace shows you who wants to buy and sell near you
  • Find local produce by distance, season, quality, business type and so on
  • Find customers keen to stock your produce
  • Post trades: list offers or wants, immediately sent to local businesses
  • Priority notification of the latest local activity
  • Collaborate on deliveries and save costs by sharing journeys with local businesses
  • Tweet to Trade makes sending out a local trade offer jaw-droppingly easy
  • Reduce your environmental impact from food miles to packaging to food waste.
  • Help other local businesses and the money stays local. We can create thousands of livelihoods across the country.
  • And much more! Full details when we launch!
  • Show reviews, ratings, and recommendations
  • Manage your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) all from one place.
  • Build your own contact lists and supporters
  • Add photos and videos to showcase your business and put a face to the name
  • Comprehensive business profile: help your customers find all they need to know about who you are and how you trade, including awards, certifications, insurance cover, food safety inspections and more.
  • Advanced statistics
  • Compare your business with others around you, and of a similar type
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