How, and why, it works

We take the hassle out of buying local

Buying local food is just not convenient enough. We shouldn’t have to go hunting to find it. Wouldn’t it make more sense, and be better for everyone, if was just already in shops and on menus everywhere?

But here’s the thing: Businesses face exactly the same problem consumers do - finding and trading with many local suppliers is a hassle. Until now.

SUSTAINATION is an online service for food businesses which makes it easy and profitable for them to find each other, talk, and trade.

Simply by joining the dots, we enable small businesses to create local and regional food networks which have the convenience and efficiency to allow them compete with supermarkets and megafarms, whilst creating livelihoods and preserving regional identity.

We also offer business tools to communicate efficiently with their customers and to manage many trade partners, thereby removing one of the biggest hassles of local sourcing.

Buying local food is an important step towards consumers and producers developing shorter food chains, which lowers our food carbon impact and creates a more secure food network.

Arthur Potts Dawson, Chef & Founder of The Peoples’ Supermarket

48% of us want to buy local food, only 13% actively go looking for it.

How does it work?

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