Lots more detail about our API coming soon!


  • All producers / retailers / buyers (‘traders’)
  • Traders by specific ID
  • Trader by name
  • Traders by category
  • Traders within a radius of a postcode (or lat long), and optional category filter
  • Reviews by specific producer ID
  • Linked relationships to other data (eg supplies shopA, shopB, schoolC, buys from SupplierA) Products

All products

  • All products by outlet
  • All products by producer
  • All products by category
  • All products within a radius of a postcode (or lat long), with opt. category filter
  • Product review by ID
  • Results for product search
  • Named product near location


Opening the transaction data allows local delivery companies to build their businesses by pitching for the work

  • Delivery start location
  • Delivery end location
  • Perishable status
  • Delivery price Other Data / API
  • Nutrition information
  • Food mile calculation
  • Local footpaths
  • Other interesting things nearby
  • Demographic by IP
  • Supermarket price comparison


  • Open Knowledge
  • Freebase
  • Infochimps
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