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Sustaination makes it easy and profitable for food enterprises to find each other, talk, and trade.

It's simple. By joining the dots, we help enterprises create and use local and regional food networks, building a convenient and improved food system, whilst creating livelihoods and regional identity.

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Send messages to people who match your search, or post offers, wants, seasonal specials, and regular updates on the Local Activity feed.


Find new business customers keen to buy your produce - in volumes which make it efficient. Collaborate on deliveries, work with local groups, join together for bigger orders and consistent availability.. there’s a lot of opportunity out there!

Save time

We know how long it takes to find and talk with lots of different suppliers, that’s why we’ve created this service for you.

Better deals

Buying more directly means both you and your suppliers get a better price. Better pricing for customers, more revenue for your business.

Local value

Local business plays a vital role in defining a community. Your customers want to buy local food from local people, we help you give them what they want.


Be proud of your provenance and your support for local business. We supply everything you need to showcase your business, from map widgets to search-engine optimised profiles.

We are a civilised enterprise.

We want to help others start enterprises to develop local food systems so we can have meaningful local employment, healthier communities, a cleaner environment, and much more besides.

We will support - and hope to supply or channel grants for - impact services like food-hubs, shared kitchen space, electric-vehicle delivery, buying groups, and more.

Sharing data

Sit tight, developers, the API is coming very soon. We'll be sharing most of the data we have. Follow us @sustaination to be the first to know.

If we want our food to be truly safe, we must recognise that this can only be delivered by a radically different model of food and agriculture, one that is based on the largely untapped potential of small-scale, much more regional production and food distribution.

Joanna Blythman – The Observer – 5 June 2011

The Farmer

Sustaination enables me to increase my sales to more local businesses, which means I’m getting a better price than I would selling on contract. The way it helps me collaborate on deliveries with other local businesses is fantastic.

The Publican

Locally-sourced food is an important selling point for us, but it’s so time consuming finding good, consistent supply. Sustaination lets us talk with many local suppliers at once - saving hours on the phone each month. The local message board is good for picking up seasonal and special offers.

The Shop Owner

Our customers love buying local produce and supporting our area, and even want to help us with deliveries! It’s important to differentiate ourselves from a supermarket, and with all these local offers the problem now is getting people to believe we’re cheaper than they are!

The Wholesaler

Our two big challenges are keeping our stock new and interesting with lots of variety, and finding new trading partners locally. Our role is shifting, and I’m impressed how Sustaination helps us and recognises the important role local distributors play.

The Hotelier

We want to source local food, but have had trouble finding consistent suppliers. Using Sustaination we have been able to work with locals farmers to create a more consistent supply of top quality produce. The site makes it easy for us to find alternatives to fill in the shortfalls.

The Baker

As a small, local baker the site dramatically reduces the time it takes for me to talk with lots of different suppliers and explore new markets. Everyone should sign up to this, it’s a great idea.