Coopers Of Andover

Cooper Foods is primarily a seafood wholesaler offering an extensive range of fresh fish from around the world. In doing so a great deal of care is taken with the sourcing, quality and cost of selected seafood. Purchasing, however, is based around our core belief that native species are the best for flavour and freshness. For this reason Cooper Foods still buy the majority of English prime seafood from Brixham (Devon) where there are still many day boats. In fact certain products such as skin-on skate will only be brought from Brixham.

As with native seafood, exotic species that are purchased have to reflect certain criteria; quality, portion cost and desirability. Exotic loins such as tuna, swordfish and marlin are invariably in stock. When cutting up a loin there is little to no wastage and therefore portion costs are easy to control.

As with fresh produce, Cooper Foods have become involved with the development of various new frozen products. In all that we develop certain criteria are always adhered too; cost, quality, and ease of use. Whether you are looking for a new angle on an old favourite (such as the naked bass, cod and ginger fishcake) or for something exotic (the skewered king prawns in garlic) there is something for you.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01264 321050


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    Coopers of Andover

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    Coopers of Andover

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    Coopers of Andover

Hopkinson Way, West Portway Ind. Est., Andover , Hampshire , SP10 3ZE
Buys from
  1. from Keltic Seafare (2.06 miles)
  2. from BLACKMOOR GAME LTD (18.48 miles)
Sells to
  1. to The Hawk Inn (2.22 miles)
  2. Fish to taste (5.49 miles)
  3. to West Tytherley Village Shop (10.95 miles)
  4. to Black Horse (10.97 miles)
  5. to King's Arms (13 miles)


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