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A great infographic of energy trends per country. Interactive and very cool.




Agriculture and the Green Economy (video, 4 mins) - We need to make the global economy green. Agriculture provides significant opportunities for growth, investment and jobs to help make this happen.


McDonald’s spends more than £320 million per year on produce from 17,500 British and Irish farmers is just one of the juicy stats at McDonald’s intiative aims to plough innovation back into UK farming


An interview with the Sustainable Food Trust on The Foodie Bugle

We need to transform the current food production system and its damages to health and the fragility of our planet.

We need to create a new forum, a social movement for change that tackles head on food shortages, the growing world population, scarce energy reserves and dwindling water supplies.

The situation we face at the moment is extremely serious and time is running out for a solution. The SFT has been created with four main goals in mind: to communicate and promote a collective global vision that inspires and supports increased local action; to build a global alliance of key influencers and facilitate collaborative working; to inform and strengthen the influence of public opinion and, lastly, to work to elevate the status of food and farming policy.

PS this article also includes a mention of Sustaination, which is rather nice!


Greening the desert (video, 5 mins) - They laughed and said it couldn’t be done…


Why isn’t there more refillable packaging in supermarkets? These guys are trying to fix it.


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