£25,000 competition win for Sustaination


Nobody likes a humblebrag…

….so we’re going to show off properly instead.

Last month Sustaination won £25,000 in Ordnance Survey’s ‘Geovation’ Competition - on the theme “how can we transform neighbourhoods in Britain?”

To win £25,000 and a whole lot of kudos from some of the UK’s leading mapping whizzes has left us pleased as punch.

We think they’ve made a good choice.

Mapping local food webs is a good thing to do. We know that. It saves businesses time and money, puts money back into local economies, gets better food on our shop shelves, and makes for a cleaner environment.

And online mapping tools are a good place to make this happen. 

We spent two weekends pitching, taking part in workshops and presentations, and generally working darn hard to convince the judges that Sustaination would help bring resilience to our food systems and prosperity to our high streets.

Out of almost 100 teams who entered, we were awarded the money to take our ideas forward.

This will allow us to build an extensive food web for the UK.

We will profile businesses, producers, and the links between them. We will show where trades are happening. Then we will get these businesses talking and communicating – linking them up and making connections.

Exciting. Thank you Ordnance Survey.


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