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It’s time to close down some browser tabs, and tell you some things I’ve been wanting to tell you about for weeks, but time has not allowed. 

Let’s dive right in.

Looking for something to do? Here are lots of permaculture DIY projects you can get stuck in to, from 15 minutes to 15 years, from  wormeries to bread ovens, foraging to recipes, it’s all at Permaculture Magazine.

“If the average North American family ate white meat instead of red one day a week”, he says, “it would be the equivalent of saving all the food miles in the entire system.” says @FoodSecurityUK in In Search of Food Security.

In the same article the follow snippets of greatness are provided by Andrew Purvis in Green Futures:

  • In Harriet Lamb’s view (@FairTradeUK), smallholders are the key. “There’s no doubt they can increase the productivity of their land,” she says. “With the right technological support, finance and access to markets, they can be part of the solution.”
  • 80% of smallholder farmers are hit by changing weather patterns
  • But how do your create that? The FDF has begun close to home. Its Five-fold Environmental Ambition plan, launched in 2007 [see box], sets targets for carbon, water, transport miles, packaging and waste across the UK operations of its members. It’s shown that progress – dramatic progress, even – is possible. One aim was a 20% cut in CO2 emissions by 2010. This was achieved a year early, and has now been revised to 35% by 2020.
  • In 2010, FDF members reduced their water use by 5.3% compared to 2007 – the equivalent of 520 Olympic-size swimming pools – despite increasing production by 7.5%.

Some GREAT stats from IGD Shopper Trends 2011:

  • In December last year, over half (52%) of shoppers claimed to purchase local products in order to support local producers, a quarter (25%) to support local retailers, and over a fifth (22%) to keep jobs in their area. 
  • Supporting local/British producers has now become the most important ethical criteria for shoppers (48%) when it comes to choosing grocery products
  • More than four in ten (42%) of shoppers claim they are prepared to pay extra for locally produced foods, increasing from 38% since December of last year.

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