A nice article about us on the travel, culture, and ideas site, We Blog the World. It’s perhaps just a little hyperbolic, but… we’ll go with that!

We can’t knock this unassumingly brilliant idea that’ll help preserve your local region’s producers whilst providing you with the best nosh.

Then just search, update a status with your demands and the producer will find you. It’s not difficult to use whether you’re the pub, the farmer or just your average Joe looking for a local tasty meal.

It makes perfect sense. It saves you and the producer time, it’s more energy efficient, and with no more middle man and immediate delivery to your door, there’s no more waste whatsoever.

via We blog the world

Author: Ed

Ed is the founder of Sustaination. He believes that a better world is possibly, desirable, and necessary, and gets rather frustrated by people who aren't prepared to give it a try.

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