15 tips to create consumer confidence in food retail and farmers markets


  1. Let them know what to do if things go wrong
  2. Pricing must be clear - people won’t stop to ask
  3. Make sure poor quality produce is removed (broken window syndrome)
  4. Never give anyone a reason to doubt it’s local
  5. Tell your wonderful stories
  6. Transparency
    1. Business name
    2. Contact details
    3. Opening hours / next market date (make it easy to find redress)
  7. Quality
    1. show awards, show testimonials
    2. Provide samples
    3. Pictures of farm or suppliers
  8. Compliance and safety
    1. Show food hygiene certificate
    2. Display your staff’s achievements (eg training certificates)
    3. Business insurance
  9. Say what’s important to you (Eg organic, fair trade)
  10. Keep it fresh and tidy
  11. Review your signs regularly
  12. Ensure your staff are happy advocates of your message
  13. Listen to your customers!
  14. Exit your visitors
  15. Have a profile on Sustaination

Notes from the Local People, Local Food conference from Making Local Food Work, Aston, 24 April 2012

Author: Ed

Ed is the founder of Sustaination. He believes that a better world is possibly, desirable, and necessary, and gets rather frustrated by people who aren't prepared to give it a try.

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