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Food Climate Research Network

The FCRN’s aim is to increase our understanding of how the food system contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and what we can do to reduce them.

Its focus is broad, encompassing technological options, behaviour change and the policy dimension. We look at the role of technology in reducing food-related emissions but also at what changes in our behaviour (in what and how we eat).

Food and Environment Resource Network

To produce investigative journalism on the subjects of food, agriculture and environmental health in partnership with local and national media outlets.

Which Snack Will Fill You Up? A Cookie or a Banana?

In their latest insightful and likely controversial infographic, Column Five Media and Massive Health say bananas are less filling and energy sustaining than a cookie or french fries.


How to crowd fund your project

This page is a short step-by-step guide to using the crowd-funding model that paid for The Age of Stupid but serves as a good starting point. Includes legal documents.

Good Food World

GoodFood World is an important platform to help re-establish the connection between consumers and the sources of their food.

We seek out, select, and profile producers and processors who are growing, harvesting, and preparing local or regional, whole or minimally processed food products.

The Funding Circle

Funding Circle is an online marketplace to help businesses find fast finance, and investors get better returns. There are no middlemen, no banks, and no lengthy delays. Instead, it’s an open exchange with detailed real-time information, empowering you to choose the best deal for your needs.

Get Food into your local planning documents

Brighton & Hove is the first Local Authority in the UK to adopt planning advice to encourage the provision of growing spaces in new developments as part of its commitment to sustainable development {1}. Food growing in urban areas is too often limited by lack of space, but this new advice encourages developers to make creative use of walls, roofs, balconies and edible landscaping at the start of the planning process.
Harvest Brighton & Hove


Urbivore is a new social venture and charity which believes urban agriculture can make an important contribution to the regeneration of distressed cities where old industries have failed, and to pockets of deprivation in inner-city areas.

Through the local production of fresh food at a commercial scale, Urbivore aims to create apprenticeships and work for socially excluded groups, as well as offer training to wider communities. We will work with an intergenerational model and promote health and well-being through volunteer programmes and other services. via Gloria Charles

Muddy Carrot

Selling online or face to face: Muddy Carrot is straightforward; you can quickly add your products to sell online. The online range includes food, drink, home, garden, livestock, land and property.

WholeFoods Film Festival

Whole Foods Market is giving its annual Do Something Reel Film Festival the digital treatment and taking it online.

Now in its third year, the festival showcases films and documentaries about food and environmental issues.

Starting on April 22 (Earth Day), users will be able to stream a different film each month from Films will be available for a limited time and will cost between $3 and $5 for a single viewing.
Do Something Reel via Mashable

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