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Life goal #87: Be featured in Springwise.com: TICK!

Since it was created waaaay back in 2002 I’ve read Springwise and thought: one day I’d like to have a business which is featured in Springwise. I remember reading about car- and tool-sharing clubs before collaborative consumption became cool,  and it’s been a constant source of inspiration and links to email to friends.

So it came as a delightful surprise today to see a Twitter frenzy of people tweeting about us because of an article they’d seen ON SPRINGWISE!!

Personal life goals aside (because it seems a bit seems pretty lame when said out loud… I mean, it’s not “inspire a room full of socially disenfranchised teenagers to become the best doctors in the world” is it?) … putting goals to one side, this is great news for us because it spreads the word worldwide. Today we’ve had people from Norway, Portugal, Spain, and America all wanting to get involved and learn more.

As a startup it’s typical to send out lots of messages and see what sticks. We’ve not even launched and we’re getting more coverage than we’d expected for months.

This is awesome.

Thank you, world! Thank you, Springwise! A very merry Christmas to all of you!

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